Click fraud costs online advertisers over $100 billion every year.
Your ads are appearing on websites controlled by cybercriminals. They use technology and trickery to generate fake clicks and steal a portion of your ad budget.
Polygraph monitors the activities of cybercriminals so we know how to detect and eliminate fake clicks. Try us now free of charge (no credit card required) and start protecting your ad budget today.
Polygraph makes it easy to prevent click fraud
Our simple UI shows you which websites are generating fake clicks on your ads, tells you which of your ad keywords are being targeted by criminals, and provides details of every fake click so you can get refunds from the ad networks.
Our features
Detect Click Fraud
We investigate click fraud gangs so we understand the click fraud techniques they use and how to detect them.
Prevent Click Fraud
We tell you which websites are generating fake clicks on your ads, so you can block these websites and prevent click fraud.
Click Fraud Refunds
We provide details of every fake click (who, when, where, how) so you can get refunds from the ad networks.
Block Spam Leads
We prevent click fraud bots from submitting fake leads and interacting with your website, so the ad networks will be re-trained to send you better quality traffic.
Protect Every Advert
Our software doesn't care which ad network you use - we support every ad network and every PPC ad format.
No Gimmicks
We don't waste your time and money on gimmicks like IP address blocking. (Learn more: Why blocking IP addresses won't protect your ads from click fraud).
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Protect your ad budget
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Understand your click fraud problem
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Get answers to your click fraud questions from our team of experts
Requires a minimum ad spend of 10,000 ad clicks per month
Paid Plans
25,000 ad clicks per month
Monitor unlimited websites
Detect click fraud
Prevent click fraud
Apply for click fraud refunds
Dedicated account manager
Need to monitor more than 500,000 ad clicks per month? Contact us for a quote.
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We go beyond simply blocking bot traffic. We help you take back control of your ad budget by focussing your ad spend on low risk keywords and high quality traffic sources.
Contact us if you need help detecting and preventing click fraud.
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