Cybersecurity firm Polygraph warns online advertisers about arbitrage websites

Yahoo! Finance, June 3, 2022
Arbitrage is a technique used by publishers to get low quality website visitors to click on high value adverts. According to Trey Vanes, Chief Marketing Officer at cybersecurity firm Polygraph, arbitrage is similar to click fraud. “Advertisers pay an ad network like Bing Ads to display their adverts on publisher websites. Every time the ads are clicked, the advertisers pay fees to Bing Ads, and Bing Ads shares these fees with publishers...

Click fraud detection firm Polygraph warns advertisers of fake conversions scam

Benzinga, May 27, 2022
Click fraud prevention firm Polygraph is warning of a new cyber-crime targeting advertisers who offer no-cost products and services as part of their customer acquisition process. "Some advertisers try to acquire customers by getting them to sign up to a mailing list or download a free report," said Trey Vanes, Chief Marketing Officer at Polygraph. "Criminals use these free offers to help disguise their click fraud schemes." Click fraud is a sophisticated...

Click Fraud Prevention Firm Urges Caution When Placing Adverts Online

Yahoo! Finance, April 26, 2022
Cyber-security firm Polygraph is offering further guidance to protect advertisers against click fraud, a sophisticated internet crime targeting online ads. Criminals, who set up scam websites to act as hosts for genuine adverts placed by online advertisers, earn fees every time an ad is clicked. To maximize earnings, the fraudsters use technology and trickery to generate huge numbers of fake clicks on the ads...

Click Fraud Prevention Firm Warns Website Owners Of Risks When Buying Online Traffic

Yahoo! Finance, April 14, 2022
Some website owners are inadvertently enabling a cyber-crime called click fraud, and are at risk of being banned by the advertising networks, and may even face criminal prosecution. Click fraud is a sophisticated internet crime targeting online advertisers. Criminals, posing as legitimate website owners, are tricking advertising networks into allowing them to...

Polygraph: Pay Day Loans Sector Targeted by Click Fraud Scammers

Yahoo! Finance, March 31, 2022
Click Fraud Prevention Firm Polygraph Warns of Increasing Risk to Pay Day Loans Sector. Some advertisers are inadvertently wasting the majority of their online marketing budgets by falling victim to click fraud. It is a growing menace for all online businesses, although some are more at risk than others – with pay day loan companies rapidly becoming the premier target for click fraudsters.

Click Fraud Detection Firm Polygraph Announces “No Cost” Plan To Help Advertisers Detect And Prevent Ad Fraud

Martech Series, March 29, 2022
Online advertisers can now monitor up to 500 advert clicks for fraud each month completely free of charge. Polygraph, a company specializing in click fraud detection, prevention, and blocking, is now offering advertisers a completely free of charge service to detect fraudulent clicks on adverts.

Polygraph Identifies New Cybercrime Scheme Manipulating English Teachers Living Abroad

Benzinga, March 25, 2022
Polygraph, a Berlin-based company that has developed cutting edge click-fraud detection and prevention strategies, has identified some of the first instances of a devious new variation of advertising click fraud that reaps tens of billions of dollars every year and involuntarily loops the teachers into an illicit...

Polygraph: Cyber criminals find new ways to target online advertisers

Yahoo! Finance, March 24, 2022
A growing trend where online fraudsters monetise popular advertising keywords, using real clicks by unsuspecting website visitors, can now be tackled by insider knowledge sourced directly from those involved with the cyber fraud. While ‘click fraud’ is a relatively new type of crime, it is fast establishing itself as the premier method criminal gangs...